Friday, August 31, 2012

Invitational Results - Round 1

The first round of the NOVA Invitational happened last night, with 32 of the nation's best players tee'ing off against each other from 6PM - 8PM. The total event is 5 rounds, with $1,000 in cash to the 5-0 finisher, and $1,000 in cash to the highest combined score of competitive rating + appearance score (50% value each).

All but a couple of games were hair trigger wins/losses.
Most of the Necron armies are pretty diverse, ranging from Fennell's scarabs, spyders, etc., to Lovett's model spam, to Gilstrap's flyer spam .... that said there are a lot of Necron armies :)

Winner in Bold

Zachary Lovett (Necrons) vs. Aaron Aleong (GK/IG)
Alex Fennell (Necrons/GK) vs. Vaden Ball (Tau/Eldar)
Allan Hernandez (GK) vs. Troy Esposito (GK)
Tony Kopach (SW/IG) vs. Andrew Blackwell (SW)
Andrew Gonyo (GK/IG) vs. Tim Horwath (GK/DA)
Bill McFadden (Ork/IG) vs. Nick Nanavati (Daemons)
Bill Souza (...) vs. Ryan Holliday (GK/Necrons)
Brad Townsend (GK) vs. Rich Therkorn (Sisters)
Neil Gilstrap (Necrons) vs. Dan Matulich (IG)
Ray Tautic (GK/DA) vs. Devin Schafer (...)
Nate Stevens (Tau) vs. Ed Miller (GK/IG)
Eric Hoerger (Necrons) vs. Pete Daze (...)
Mike Taylor (BA) vs. Gabe Dobkin (IG)
Werner Born (Necrons) vs. Hans Krueger (Daemons)
Kelsey Haley (SM/BA) vs. Kyle Cox (IG)
Kurt Clauss (Necrons) vs. Kenny Boucher (Daemons)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NOVA Open's Score Tracker 2012

8/16/2012 -
If you have a smart phone, pick up an app and subscribe to this blog's Feeds. When we post pairings and results, you'll get them electronically, obviating the need to join the crunch looking at the printed postings.

The NOVA Open 2012 will be posting round pairings and results, as well as overall event rules, information, pictures, and highlights throughout and after the NOVA Open.

By "following" this blog, you can be up to date electronically with everything from which table you should go to next, to following the NOVA from afar during the event.

 - Mike Brandt, NOVA Open