Friday, August 31, 2012

Invitational Results - Round 1

The first round of the NOVA Invitational happened last night, with 32 of the nation's best players tee'ing off against each other from 6PM - 8PM. The total event is 5 rounds, with $1,000 in cash to the 5-0 finisher, and $1,000 in cash to the highest combined score of competitive rating + appearance score (50% value each).

All but a couple of games were hair trigger wins/losses.
Most of the Necron armies are pretty diverse, ranging from Fennell's scarabs, spyders, etc., to Lovett's model spam, to Gilstrap's flyer spam .... that said there are a lot of Necron armies :)

Winner in Bold

Zachary Lovett (Necrons) vs. Aaron Aleong (GK/IG)
Alex Fennell (Necrons/GK) vs. Vaden Ball (Tau/Eldar)
Allan Hernandez (GK) vs. Troy Esposito (GK)
Tony Kopach (SW/IG) vs. Andrew Blackwell (SW)
Andrew Gonyo (GK/IG) vs. Tim Horwath (GK/DA)
Bill McFadden (Ork/IG) vs. Nick Nanavati (Daemons)
Bill Souza (...) vs. Ryan Holliday (GK/Necrons)
Brad Townsend (GK) vs. Rich Therkorn (Sisters)
Neil Gilstrap (Necrons) vs. Dan Matulich (IG)
Ray Tautic (GK/DA) vs. Devin Schafer (...)
Nate Stevens (Tau) vs. Ed Miller (GK/IG)
Eric Hoerger (Necrons) vs. Pete Daze (...)
Mike Taylor (BA) vs. Gabe Dobkin (IG)
Werner Born (Necrons) vs. Hans Krueger (Daemons)
Kelsey Haley (SM/BA) vs. Kyle Cox (IG)
Kurt Clauss (Necrons) vs. Kenny Boucher (Daemons)

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